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This page is to provide additional information around COVID-19. It is a continuously changing situation. If you have any questions, reach out by email at or telephone at 07 415 709 037.



During this unprecedented time, at the clinic we have procedures set to reduce the risk of COVID-19. 

According to ICP. Hand Sanitiser is readily available in the clinic on arrival. PPE is in accordance with PHE Guidelines and CSP Guidelines including masks, disposable apron and gloves when appropriate.

Does the Physiotherapy Clinic stay open during a lockdown?

We are open for face to face appointments and patients can visit us for treatment. We are following the government guidelines and implementing the necessary safeguarding measures to keep you and the staff safe.

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What to do before attending your appointment?

The Consent Form will be approved for face to face appointments. 

The forms will be adjusted when appropriate based on the current guidelines within England regarding COVID-19.

Please ensure you are feeling well and take a LFT when appropriate.
Please wear your face mask, if exempt please contact the clinic prior to appointment through email. 

I had COVID, when can I visit the clinic?

Under the current guidelines, you can visit the clinic once you have completed your isolation period. 

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