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Is there an injury that is haunting you? 🎃

It's halloween time..

Those niggling injuries

Niggling injuries that persistently come back with regular activity or that won’t entirely leave you alone are not something that should be ignored! These sorts of injuries can very quickly become a more significant issue as they continue to haunt you!

Niggling injuries are often from overuse or improper technique practiced over time and therefore are often relatively straightforward to rehabilitate.

Listen to your body/when to seek help?

If an injury will not go away after rest, then that is the time to listen to your body and seek help from a physiotherapist or sports therapist. We can advise you of appropriate rehabilitation methods, such as exercise prescription, manual therapy and other injury rehab modalities, write rehab programmes, and provide guidance on whether to increase or decrease your exercise workload, depending on the injury.

How do we prevent a future haunting?

Strength and conditioning for your sport or exercise is critical to avoiding injury, and reinjury, whether a niggle or something more significant.

Appropriate prehab can involve:

Strengthening at-risk tissue.

Conditioning the body to meet or exceed the demands of the sport.

Educating and understanding how nutrition, exercise and rest work together to create the best performance

External factors at play such as:
Sleeping routine
Mental health improvement

Anxiety and fear can be reduced without the worry of injury or reinjury, and the sport or exercise can be more enjoyable. This also addresses any niggling injuries so you can fully participate in and enjoy your sport or activity.

Colder weather

As the weather turns colder, evenings get dark earlier. You generally feel like staying in. It is even more important to focus on the end goal of your rehabilitation and continue putting in the work to get rid of your niggling injury and be able to get back to your sport and exercise and continue to improve your performance.

Prioritise and invest in your health.

Get help for injuries that will not go away, and it will allow your mood, performance and overall enjoyment of sport and exercise to improve.

The more you invest in your health, the more benefits you will have and notice through daily life, such as taking the stairs more easily, feeling more energised throughout the day and doing day-to-day activities without pain.

You also can improve your sport and exercise performance and prevent injury in the future.


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