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Osteoarthritis is a scary and daunting word, let’s not make it like that.

1 in 5 adults over the age of 45 years!

Obesity & age are factors that effect it!

Kellgren & Lauren has 5 levels. Zero to four. Grade 2 or above is the diagnosis needed. The presence of osteophytes and deformity is to be observed. Most common issue is pain, pain at the beginning of a movement, pain first in the morning, pain after prolonged sitting, it gets worse during the day & usually most severe when it’s at night

The most effect treatment for it is STRENGTH training 💪🏻

💪🏾 Balance and general mobility is also a good area to make sure that you can conquer.

Guidelines from ORSI (OA Research Society International -2014), American College of Rheumatology (2019), KNGF (2014) & NICE all recommend strength training!!

Resistance exercises with or without a thera band to help strength!

As a physiotherapist, we cover strength & conditioning, the repetition amount is usually defined by other factors. In general, strength is 1-5 reps per set with heavy load at about 80-90%. Improving the strength of the quadriceps helps support the knee on mobility & daily tasks for example; getting up to/from a chair. Each therapeutic management should always be based on a biosychosocial model with the FITT and SMART principles & patients individual needs, demands and goals regarding their participation and activity limitations.

An easy exercise to help you climb the stairs again is a Sit to Stand five times, twice a day!


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