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The Sports Therapist Journey

The Sports Therapist Journey

As a sports therapist, I work closely with the Physiotherapist. My name is Emily, and you more than likely have seen me in the clinic. If you are unsure what I do, then read this article for a better understanding.

What do I treat?

I restore functionality and movement of damaged tissues/ joins after an injury has occurred (or even better before it happens!)

I prevent and manage pain, injury, dysfunction within the tissues, provide and give you support.

I use exercise to rehabilitate injuries, whether the person is returning to sport or just wants to improve their movement abilities.

My back story:

I recently completed the Sports and Exercise Therapy Bachelor Degree in the lovely city of York. If you have not been, I would thoroughly recommend it! I originate from Ripon, a keen sports woman from Yoga to Rugby, I love the mix. I feel a mix of strength and conditioning is so important for anyone on a weekly basis. Each rehab plan is individual to your injury and we will work together to get the most efficient plan in place for you.

I have worked with a wide range of people, sports and injuries, including Academy football, rugby, goal ball and athletics. I also have additional qualifications in sport massage, Rock-taping, first aid for sport and exercise and fitness instructing.

Sport therapy utilises sport and exercise principles to optimise performance and injury prevention programmes, as well as assessing, treating and rehabilitating soft tissue injuries through planning and implementing appropriate rehab programmes.

These programmes are sport specific, or to regain general movement without pain.

Reach out for an appointment today!


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