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Back Pain and Deadlifts

Deadlift & CLBP

Something to remember...

Alpha & omega of lifting

🔅Posterior chain

🔛Grip strength

🔝Growth hormone

♾Glutes & hamstrings

✔️Prevent future problems

Have you been told you have osteoporosis? Osteoarthritis? Chronic Low Back Pain?

How do you feel if we told you lifting heavy has its benefits? Traditionally, all medical practitioners, trainers and therapists believed 'rest is best'... It is not anymore. They found the support and evidence, once weighed up, they found the opposite to be true.

Low Back Pain is the leading disability in the world (even when compared to 291 other conditions!)(Lancet,2018). Older adults with osteopenia & osteoporosis/osteoarthritis been shown to improve bone density and many other benefits from heavy load training (Liftmor,2019).

CLBP in the extensors:

➖Pathological changes in discs

➖Neuromuscular activation

➖Hypotrophy of type 2 muscle fibers

Weight training in general is a safe and in fact great to help relieve pain when done right! Chronic Low Back pain is back pain which has lasted more than 6 months.

2015 study by ASA, split the groups into two, one which focused on deadlift training whilst the other concentrated on motor control exercises. All patients had Chronic Low Back Pain. Both groups had shown improvements including pain levels. There was an increase on strength measurements and an increase on muscle endurance measurements.

Case study on individuals with Chronic Low Back Pain (CLBP) & high pain levels.

  • 5 sets 2-5 reps (X2 per week)

  • Improved pain levels and functional status


In another study, the researchers found using exercises more frequently used in S&C such as goblet squats, deadlifts, step ups, lunges had an improvement on pain levels and decrease of fat infiltration of the lumbar paraspinals. (Fortin,2013, Mengiardi,2006, Welch et al,.2015)

Who benefits from deadlifts ...

Indicated that the patients who score high on their pain levels and extensor strength were predictive points for patients that would benefit from deadlifts.

Always get assessed by a qualified physiotherapist for accurate diagnostic and therapeutic management. Don’t assume.

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