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Jaclyn Physiotherapist

Jaclyn is a highly qualified Charted Physiotherapist with excellent experience from working with the GB Olympic team to working with sports teams.

During that time she also went on to complete her Masters degree in sports injury and rehabilitation.During her time in the NHS she was able to work across a number of specialisms from musculoskeletal, orthopaedic, neurological, oncology, paediatrics and respiratory for which she feels has enhanced her ability to be able to help patients with more complex needs. Outside of the NHS work Jaclyn has worked in many different sports too. She has worked in Rugby, swimming, hockey and gymnastics to just name a few.

Jaclyn now is the chief Physiotherapist for BUCS (British University and College Sports) where she manages a team of therapists to provide care across a number of sports.

As well as this her main sporting focus now remains within gymnastics where she is part of the British Gymnastics team of Physios that supports the teams during training camps and away at competition. Jaclyn has worked across many sports in many venues and this has included working at the gymnastics for London 2012 Olympics, working at part of Team GB for the Youth Olympics in 2015 as well as two commonwealth games in Glasgow 2014 and Gold Coast 2016. These opportunities have given Jaclyn the ability to work to a tight deadline and under pressure to be able to get an athlete back to sport.Other than the sporting contexts Jaclyn really enjoys working with individuals to help them be able to achieve their individual goals. She has been on a number of courses to ensure she feels equipped to help as many people as possible.

Such areas include the management of the TMJ (jaw), hand therapy, pregnancy and post-natal care. As well as these specialist areas Jaclyn ha also ensured she has a plethora of techniques available to be able to treat an individual in the most optimal way for them. These include manual therapy and manipulation, exercise therapy, taping and acupuncture to name a few.

Outside of work Jaclyn enjoys family time with her husband and new baby as well as walking her very spoilt dog.

She love being outdoors as well as still participating in some trampolining herself which she used to be nationally competitive in. There are not many sports that she will not have a go at!PH89049


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