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When should you see a Physiotherapist?

A tricky question so we will discuss the signs and symptoms of deciding when to get professional support.

We are often asked "when should I see a Physiotherapist?"

Navigating the reasons when to see a Physiotherapist can be tricky decision. The worry is that if you leave it, to let it heal by itself it can make it worse or lengthen the recovery. This blog outlines the main signs and symptoms of when you should reach out for Physiotherapy services. Allow them to do a thorough examination to decide the most suitable treatment.

  • If you have found the pain is worse with a particular movement,

  • If the pain increases with a specific activity,

  • Your mobility has become restrictive,

  • Struggling with a recurrent injury,

  • If your occupation places you in a higher risk for developing back pain or neck issues (office based),

  • If the pain is not getting better,

  • If you have been diagnosed with a form of arthritis.

Physiotherapists help you return back to your activities and sports whether it is brushing your hair, putting on a jacket or running/ golfing.

If your pain stops you from performing normal activities:

Whether it is shoulder pain and its limited your ability to put on your shirt, or knee pain preventing you from running or doing weights in the gym. A painful hip when hiking and getting progressively worse over the summer months. You should get advice on how to manage, maintain and reduce the symptoms eventually you can begin to return to normal activity.

Injury you have been ignoring! (The longer you ignore it, the worse it can become)

If you are struggling with a recurrent injury, time to contact the Physiotherapist for in depth assessment and treatment to understand the root cause of the issues. Sometimes rest isn't always the best, reach out and see if you need treatment!

Diagnosed with long term condition like Arthritis or Osteoarthritis

The old outlook for arthritis was 'rest more', 'be easier on yourself' and it will improve.. Many avoiding activities, movements and becoming afraid to do certain exercises incase they injure themselves more. This is not true. We manage OA, we do a thorough assessment, complete a baseline (clients here with OA know we love a good baseline test!) it helps us gauge the performance, gradual improvement scores and how we are progressing together as a team. Physiotherapists will analyse any balance issues, strength issues and concerns and begin treatment to improve the functionality and quality of life. It has a huge benefit on your body now and in the future!

Remote working/ Office based work

The world has moved from physical jobs to stationary jobs, sitting at a desk from 9am to 1pm with a lunch then 2pm to 6pm. It is a long time to be sitting. After awhile the back muscles can't hold the position and you begin to slump.. give it a few days, turns into months, two years into 15 years, be it a Dentist, cashier, a job that predominately in sitting position.. you may start noticing you look like the grinch who stole Christmas.. So we can set you off on a good foot, avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome, avoiding neck pain and a curved back causing stiffness and pain. We can help with that!

If you are unsure, contact us for a chat.


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